NCERT Class 10 Hindi Books CBSE

NCERT Books for Class 10 Hindi CBSE are essential for students preparing for their board exams. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) has revised these textbooks for the academic years 2022-23 and 2023-24, ensuring they align with the latest CBSE syllabus. The books are available in a chapter-wise PDF format for free download, making them easily accessible for students.

NCERT Class 10 Hindi Books CBSE

NCERT has updated the textbooks for both Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B. Key features of these books include simplified language, in-depth topic coverage, and exercises for practice. These updates aim to reduce the course burden on students while providing comprehensive knowledge.

Four Main Books for Hindi

The Class 10 Hindi syllabus comprises four primary textbooks:

  1. Kshitij Part II
  2. Kritika
  3. Sparsh
  4. Sanchayan Part II

These books cater to different aspects of the Hindi curriculum, providing a holistic approach to learning the language and literature.The content of these textbooks is closely aligned with the CBSE curriculum, ensuring that students focus on relevant topics for their exams. The chapters in these books are designed to capture students’ attention and make learning Hindi enjoyable. The comprehensive explanations help students grasp complex concepts easily.

How to Download NCERT Class 10 Hindi Books

Easy Access to Chapter-wise PDFs Students can download the chapter-wise PDFs of NCERT Class 10 Hindi textbooks from,  reliable educational websites. These resources are available for free and can be saved for studying at the student’s convenience.

Class 10 NCERT Books Hindi Sanchayan PDF

Hindi, the national language of India, is not only a tool for communication but also a pivotal element of the nation’s cultural identity. As one of the oldest languages globally, Hindi carries with it the legacies of civilizations and the essence of Indian tradition.

  1. Sanchayan– संचयन Class 10 Complete Book Zip Download

NCERT Hindi Book Class 10 (Course B): Sanchyan-2 (संचयन-2) Chapter-wise PDF

For students, studying Hindi is essential. It broadens their perspectives and fosters an appreciation for the subtleties of Indian culture. Through the lens of Hindi literature, students gain access to diverse viewpoints and life philosophies, allowing for a richer understanding of the human experience.

  1. पाठ 1: मिथिलेश्वर – हरिहर काका
  2. पाठ 2: गुरदयाल सिंह – सपनों के-से दिन
  3. पाठ 3: राही मासूम रज़ा – टोपी शुक्ला
  4. लेखक परिचय

NCERT Books class 10 Hindi Sanchayan-2 Textbook for Class 10, integral to the CBSE syllabus, is replete with literary works that challenge and expand the intellect. To aid in exam preparation, NCERT Solutions can be downloaded in PDF format, providing students with invaluable resources for their academic pursuits.


In conclusion, NCERT Books for Class 10 Hindi are invaluable resources for students. They provide a deep understanding of Hindi language and literature, which is crucial for scoring well in board exams. Download, these essential resources  for a successful learning journey!