Hindi text book class 1 NCERT

Hindi text book classNCERT are tailored to align with the CBSE syllabus, making them a primary resource for foundational Hindi learning. These books, with their engaging content like poems and stories, are designed to capture the interest of young minds and foster a love for the Hindi language.

Hindi text book class 1 NCERT

  • Total Chapters: 23
  • Content Type: A mix of poems and short stories
  • Design: Illustrated to make learning enjoyable
  • Exercises: Simple and engaging exercises at the end of each chapter

Importance of NCERT Class 1 Hindi Textbook

  • Aligned with CBSE Syllabus: Ensures consistency with school curriculum
  • Foundation Building: Lays a strong base in the Hindi language
  • Interactive Learning: Illustrated content makes learning fun and interactive
  • Exam Preparation: Helps in preparing for exams as questions are often derived from thesetextbooks. Downloading PDFs

FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 1 Hindi

Q1. Why prefer ncertbooks.net,NCERT Hindi Books for Class 1?

ncertbooks.net,  NCERT Hindi Books are student-friendly and perfectly align with the CBSE syllabus. They provide a seamless learning experience and are easily downloadable for convenient study.

Q2. How to score well in Class 1 Hindi?

To excel in Class 1 Hindi, thoroughly read each chapter and practice regularly using ncertbooks.net,. Focus on understanding the stories and poems, and practice answering questions for exam readiness.

Q3. How are NCERT Hindi Books beneficial for Class 1 CBSE Students?

NCERT books are the official standard for CBSE syllabus, ensuring students are well-prepared for exams. The content is directly related to exam questions, helping students understand the exam pattern and marking scheme.


Hindi text book class 1 are an excellent resource for young learners to build a strong foundation in Hindi. With interesting content and easy-to-understand language, these books make learning both fun and effective. Regular practice and thorough understanding of these books will ensure students perform well in their exams.