NCERT Books Class 5 – Free pdf download for CBSE Students

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NCERT Books Class 5

When it comes to hitting the books, NCERT is like that trusty old friend you can always rely on. These textbooks are jam-packed with knowledge, and for those of you in Class 5, you’re in for a treat! From unraveling the mysteries of long division to embarking on a literary adventure that would give Indiana Jones a run for his money, NCERT books are your gateway to acing Class 5 like a boss.

Subjects That Will Have You Hooked

So, what’s in store for you, curious minds? Let’s break it down:

  • English: You’ll be weaving words like a pro, exploring stories, and poems that will leave you spellbound.
  • Mathematics: Numbers will become your new best friends. We’re talking about fractions, decimals, and shapes that’ll make your world go round—literally!
  • Environmental Studies (EVS): Get ready to be the next Captain Planet, diving deep into the environment, understanding how nature works, and why we should be the superheroes it needs.
  • Hindi: It’s not just a subject; it’s an art form. You’ll be playing with words and expressions that’ll make your heart sing.
  • Science: Put on your lab coats, folks! You’re about to discover why apples fall from trees and what makes the stars twinkle.
EnglishNCERT books class-5 English pdf
HindiNCERT books class-5 Hindi pdf
MathsNCERT books class-5 Maths pdf

How to Download Your Adventure Map from

Alright, eager beavers, let’s get down to business. You want these magical books, and I’m here to show you how to snag them:

  1. Start Your Quest: Launch your favorite web browser and steer your ship towards the treasure-laden shores of
  2. Choose Your Grade: Once you land, you’ll find a treasure map with different grades. Click on ‘Class 5’ to find the books crafted just for you.
  3. Select Your Subject: A list of subjects will appear quicker than a genie from a lamp. Pick the subject that you wish to download.
  4. Download Ahoy! Find the ‘Download’ button—it’s your ‘Open Sesame’ to the book you need. Click it, and voilà, the book will start downloading faster than Aladdin on his magic carpet!

Anchors Away!

That’s a wrap, my young padawans! With NCERT Books Class 5 in your arsenal, you’re all set to conquer the classroom. Remember, every page you turn is a step towards becoming the hero of your own learning journey. So, go on, make every chapter count!